Snowslip Retreats
Mind Fitness and
PEER Train the Trainer
For Law Enforcement, First Responders, & Veterans.

The mission of Snowslip Retreats is the well-being of humans and horses in service to others, with emphasis on law enforcement and communities, education and health. Mind Fitness for Law Enforcement is a hands-on, wellness-based program to address and manage issues of operational stress.

Snowslip Retreats offer non-profit Mind Fitness programs through Homeward Bound Adirondacks:Snowslip Retreats. Our Certified PEER Trainers offer one-on-one Officer-on-Call programs, small group Mind Fitness programs, and large group program demonstrations.

Disengage From Stress

Mind Fitness for Law Enforcement

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Assertiveness vs. Aggression.
How we move and what we project through our body language is an important lesson in Mind Fitness exercises. Horses are prey animals that communicate through body language, and observe every nuance of our movements. A shoulder, hip, or footstep can send a signal of aggression, danger, or fear, in the language of their world as well as in ours. Their response to our movements teaches us how to harness our own predator and prey energies to signal assertive leadership, instead of aggression or passiveness.

Through Mind Fitness, we learn how to become natural leaders and become the change horses need to see in us.

'Recognizing stress and how it affects the horses is something that must not only be explained but experienced through hands-on participation.' Mind Fitness Participant