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  • Follow Chris Irwin's European Spring Tour Schedule

  • Emily Cummin continues to tour north and southeast US wih Chris Irwin as his assistant clinician in 2017.

  • With many thanks to the Phillips family for sponsoring 2017 programs in memory of their son, Reed.


  • Congratulations to Emily Cummin awarded Master Level 4 Certification from Irwin Insights.
    Emily is currently one of top four Irwin trainers world-wide.
    Emily is touring in the northeast US wih Chhris Irwin as his assistant clinician.

    Articles about our programs

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  • Mike Neaton receives Level 1 certification from Irwin Insights

  • Jim Karam receives Level 1 certification from Irwin Insights

  • Chris Irwin, Emily Cummin, Mike Neaton, Jim Karam and Addie Friedlander coach Mind Fitness and PEER Train the Trainer clinics at Snowslip Farm.

  • March 16th - Snowslip Farm hosts a Chris Irwin demo and lessons in Southern Pines, NC.


  • Chris Irwin EAPD programs continued with NY State Police and families

  • Chris Irwin Certifcations were awarded to:

    Emily Cummin
    Lesley Trevor
    Ben Stennett
    Addie Friedlander


  • Major car company does a TV photo shoot at the farm

  • Mini-Reunion on Nov 1st for First Responders from Sept. event

  • PEER Retreat for Canadian & US First-Responders

  • Airplane Crash at the farm

  • On-the Scene: Snowslip Farm Crash

  • Farm Owner Reflects

  • Fatal crash leaves community coping

  • NTSB: Pilot Error

  • Crash Victims Identified

  • VIDEO: Chris Irwin - presenter at Snowslip Farm's 1st Responder Symposium (July 14th)