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Snowslip Farm & Snowslip Retreats
Mind Fitness & PEER Train the Trainer

Snowslip Retreats
Wellness and Stress Management
With focus on human and horse well being for those in service to others, Snowslip Retreats offers Mind Fitness and PEER Train the Trainer Programs, including stress management, wellness, skills-building, and peer support, for law enforcement, first responders, and veterans. Programs are made possible by donations to non-profit Homeward Bound Adirondacks: Snowslip Retreats

Snowslip Farm
Lessons and Programs for Everyone.
Snowslip Farm offers private and group Mind Fitness programs in horse behavior, executive coaching, stress management, leadership, and team building for executives & managers, sports teams & coaches, educators, and individuals & families.

Our Certified Trainers
Snowslip Farm & Certified Trainers.
Our sixth season training in horse behavior and equine assisted programs with Chris Irwin, international horse behaviorist & executive coach.

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