Snowslip Farm
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For Everyone.

Snowslip Farm is dedicated to human and horse well-being through the knowledge and understanding of horses and horse behavior, body language, stress, and environment.

At Snowslip Farm, our Certified Trainers offer private Mind Fitness lessons, small group clinics, and larger group program demonstrations.

Working with horses in Mind Fitness Programs reconnects us to our instincts, intuition, and emotional intelligence, and to an ancient knowledge and language that has evolved inside us for more than thirty thousand years.

2017 Snowslip Farm Mind Fitness Lessons

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Horses are natural diagnosticians for mind and body responses because of their innate instincts. Mind Fitness exercises are specifically designed to bring humans into ancient alignment with horses. Far from horseplay, Mind Fitness programs integrate the science of horse behavior with human behavior and cognitive science.

Through Mind Fitness, we learn how to become natural leaders, and become the change horses need to see in us.